Venco fan bonnie view and trainer Jane Thomas

Venco fan bonnie view and trainer Jane Thomas

In French, dressage

means training...

and its purpose is to develop a horse’s natural ability, submissiveness, and willingness to work to make him extremely attentive, supple, and obedient.  A great dressage trainer doesn’t just train, she finds a way to align the natural rhythm of the rider and horse to show suppleness, regularity, and finally, collection.

Our trainers bring their vast knowledge of English and Western dressage to help you prepare for competition. Whether you are a green or experienced rider, dressage is a strong foundation for anything that you want to accomplish with your horse.

Dressage is a dance between the horse and the rider.  Perfectly in sync with movements being performed effortlessly and with the most subtle of cues.  Are you ready for that?