We understand the love you have for your horse and we know how to match it.

Our safe, clean, comfortable facilities help your horse instantly feel at home here and our training staff care for your horse with the same love and attention as you. That's our promise and you'll sense it the minute you step onto our land. Whether you're boarding for a day or a year, you and your horse will take comfort in the experience of boarding with us. 

2019-2020 Boarding Rates

Stalls / Paddock / Dry lot (partial)

FULL BOARD $400.00 mo.

  • Stall, grain, hay twice a day.

  • Stall cleaning with fresh bedding as needed.

  • Turn out 2-3 times weekly.

PADDOCK (full service) $345.00 mo.

  • Outside pen, hay, and grain

  • Partial shelter, cleaning with bedding as needed.

  • Turn out 2-3 times weekly. No indoor stall.

DRY LOT (partial) $275.00 mo.

  • Hay twice a day with access to shelter.



Horse Types

(Pricing based on avg. horse 10 bails per month)


PLEASE Note: Cost of draft will depend on size of the horse.

  • Hay and grain twice daily, stall cleaning fresh bedding as needed

  • Indoor stall with outside paddock

  • Turn out 2-3 times weekly

  • * No dry lot pens for stallions *

MINIATURE HORSES (full board per horse) $300.00 mo

  • Hay and one supplement twice daily

  • Stall cleaning with fresh bedding as needed

  • Indoor stall and outside paddock, and turn out 2-3 times weekly

MINI PADDOCK: Outside Pen (Full service per horse) $245.00 mo.

  • Hay and one supplement twice daily

  • Cleaning as needed

MINI PADDOCK: Outside pen (partial service per horse) $185.00 mo.

  • Owner provides hay and supplements

  • Cleaning as needed and one supplement, extra cost applies on additional supplements

  • *No Dry Lot pens for miniature horses*

Extra Costs

ADDED SUPPLEMENTS (Dry lot) Provided by Owner

  • 1 Supplement. $1.50 per day

  • 2 or more. $2.00 per day note: Full and Paddock Board includes 1 supplement, any extra supplements will be charged $1.50 more per day.

TURN OUT $2.00 per day

  • Employees turn out horse in arena to exercise 1-2 hours at a time.

USE OF FACILITIES AT B BAR B RANCH (concerns only horses NOT boarded at our ranch)
A $25.00 fee will be charged for the use of our arenas per visit.

  • Horses that are trailered or rode in, and are not currently boarded at B Bar B Ranch will be charged this fee.

  • NO outside vendors allowed on the property without approval of Debra Thompson, and the area must be properly cleaned when finished.

The above rates include: 

  • Use of training facilities and arenas

  • Observation by B Bar B staff

Our boarding terms are as follows: 

  • Payment in advance with a signed Boarding Contract

  • Signed B Bar B Ranch releases for horse owner and guests

  • No stallions

  • Horses are required to be in good health and have documentation of same. Out of state horses must have current negative Coggins test documentation

  • Pets must be restrained on the premises

  • Boarders are directly responsible for any vet, training, supplements and blacksmith charges

  • Availability and fees are subject to change

  • B Bar B has the right to refuse or terminate service based upon the horses' demeanor

In addition, we offer our facilities for use by Equine Professionals on a limited basis for clinics and training events. 

Our facilities include: 

  • 250ft x 100ft show arena with state-of-the-art Pro-Stride footing with dressage fencing and bleachers

  • Training facilities: 80 x 120 arena and two round pens

  • Picnic area

  • Parking

  • Barn

  • Judge's stand

  • PA system

Daily/Overnight stalls/paddocks are available. 

A B Bar B staff member will be present to support your event.

Please call us at 719-783-0578 to discuss your plans and ideas.

Our requirements are: 

  • An agenda and proof of insurance covering the proposed event must be provided as part of the pre- booking process.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. Balance due 48 hrs. prior to the event.

  • All horses must be in good health and have current health papers or medical records as verification. Out-of-state horses must be Coggins tested. Documents must be presented prior to the event.

  • On site sales of food/beverages/equine products is prohibited.

  • Facility clean up is required.

  • Helmut use is recommended and under 18 yrs. is required.

  • It is hoped that all pets will be left at home. Any pets on site must be restrained and will not be permitted to interfere with participants and guests.

  • All event participants and guests must sign a B Bar B Ranch general release.